Snap Shot No. 15

Wednesday, 2:45 pm. It is show and tell time at Ornament Studio. Teresa and Silvio are observing newly cast pieces for design projects. Among them, brass snake vertebrae for Silvio’s bracelet.

“I will take it apart and use these brass vertebrae with the smaller silver ones to make one bracelet and the larger pieces will become another bracelet. Brass costs less than silver. This means I can offer the brass vertebrae bracelet for around $200. A silver one would be around $450.”

Silvio makes it a part of his strategy to come up with combinations of design and materials that ensure a good variety in style and price range for his customers. This also offers many opportunities for creative and unique ideas.

“The brass still requires as much labor. Each piece is cast individually, by lost wax casting method, and each must be cleaned and fitted individually. But brass is less expensive by weight.”

The brass vertebrae feel just as alive and mesmerizing as did the silver ones. Combining the two metals will certainly produce a dazzling look.

The silver snake heads are for another bracelet project that has been evolving on Silvio’s bench for a while. The client has given Silvio free range to experiment with a new design, which has been modified along the way as each step of the process inspires a new direction and with each conversation they share over the current expression.


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