Silvio’s Workbench – Taryn’s Ring

As promised yesterday (Snap Shot No. 13), here is how Silvio fixed Taryn’s ring so that the diamond would fit snuggly. As mentioned then also, he used white gold to fix this platinum ring. Here is why:

Step 1 – “I began by flowing white gold solder on top of the existing prongs. I did not use platinum solder because platinum requires temperatures that are too high and can damage the diamond. Soldering with white gold requires a lower temperature, but it is still very high, reaching as much as 12,000 degrees. The diamond actually glows red while you solder and if you allow it to cool too fast it can shatter. To avoid this, I let it cool right on the surface where I just soldered.”

Step 2 – “Once the ring has cooled down, I file each prong to where the extended part blends in perfectly with the existing prong so you cannot tell it was rebuilt.”

In a comment she kindly posted on the previous article, Taryn explains, “I was super nervous about having any work done but the piece looks better than new.”

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