Little Hands – Snap Painting

Ever heard of Snap Painting? This is a fun project to do outside on a warm spring or summer day. If you do it inside, make sure you cover your work area with an old tablecloth you do not mind using only for craft making or with a plastic tarp. You’ll see why in a minute. First, here is what you’ll need:

A small cardboard box or cookie sheet (1 per child)
Rubber elastic bands of various widths
Craft paint
Paper or card stock
Small paint brushes

A note as we begin to set up: If you use a cardboard box, one with a lid is even better. Open it. Invert the lid and rest the box inside it, open-side up. This will double the sides, making them even more resistant. It’s a lot of fun to make tiny paintings using recycled jewelry gift boxes, such as the ones for a pendant or bracelet.

Fit a piece of paper or card stock into the bottom of the box or cookie sheet. Fit three or more (experiment) elastic bands around the box so that they cross over the opening, as if you were making a guitar. They can be straight or at an angle. Do not wrap them tight. Allow some flexibility. Apply paint to each elastic band and snap it. You can wipe the band, slightly change its position, apply a new color and snap again!

When you are done, if you wish, take a picture of your snappy art and post it on our Facebook page!

Adapted from: Play Based Learning – Mini Snap Painting


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