History of Jewelry – Part 4

Most cultures known to us today attribute certain mystical powers to natural elements such as gold and gem stones. According to the Egyptians of antiquity, gemstones carried inherent powers that could be transferred to a person who wore them as jewelry.

Egyptian Scarab Amulet

Likewise, many cultures in antiquity and to this day believe that animals and insects have mystical energies that can be transferred onto a person by contact. These creatures take on sacred meaning. This was true of the sacred Egyptian scarab.

Gold was used more than any other metal. This was not due to a belief in its value. Rather, it was due to its availability and malleability. Also, color and perceived symbolism were the main criteria when selecting stones, not their value. For example, due to the lack of symbolism associated with them, the diamonds we call precious stones today did not attract attention and were rarely used in the fabrication of jewelery initially.

To be continued…

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