Snap Shot No. 4

“I’m working on the bezel for that bracelet I showed you the other day. Then I will make an opening in the back plate to show the stone from the bottom too.”

The bezel is the rim that holds a stone in place on a back plate and also serves as part of the design. “I make my own bezel. I melt silver and press it to the thickness I need.”

“I like to use pure silver instead of sterling, because it does not have memory. It tends to hold the new shape you give it. This means it’s less likely to crack. Sterling silver tries to return to its previous shape. Also, since it’s 99.9% pure it is much better for the skin.”

“Did I show you the piece of meteorite a friend sent me? It’s originally from Argentina. She found it at the Tuscon Gem Show a few years ago. Look at that! That is from space! It is called Pallasite. It’s a mixture of iron, nickel and citrine. This is cut from a much larger piece.”


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