Snap Shot No. 1

2 PM. Silvio sits at the bench, focused. “Ha!” says he, as I walk in, camera in hand, “I wish you had come in a few minutes ago. A lady just walked out with new earrings I made for her and I did not have a chance to take a picture.”

He promptly returns his attention to the bench. Another customer recently brought in a silver pendant. “She just bought it,” explains Silvio, “and it is broken already.” The design is intricate, requiring meticulous addition of properly shaped silver around the edges.

Meanwhile, Teresa stands at her own bench. In front of her, earrings hang from a T-shaped display. The contrast with the bench and surrounding boxes and tools makes them seem especially vibrant.

“I love organizing¬† pieces and setting up displays,” she says, as she turns her attention to the drawing table where she keeps an inventory sheet.

She soon looks up… beaming!


About Ornament Studio

Born in Tunisia of fourth generation Italian jewelers, Silvio Mazzarese continues the tradition of artisanship begun by his great-great grandfather. Silvio is a very well-established master jeweler in New Mexico, where he lived for twenty-five years prior to moving to Vermont, where he and wife Teresa Bobel Mazzarese established Ornament Studio in 2008. Custom Design - Gold, Silver, Platinum - Repair & Sizing - Polish, Refresh, Redesign - All Done on the Premises. Free Estimates. View all posts by Ornament Studio

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